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Mirate Equity Closes $74MM Construction Deal Elevating ACE Realty Corp’s Development.

Mirate Equity
Mirate Equity

Mirate Equity has reached a significant milestone with the successful conclusion of a $74 million construction deal, consolidating its position as a premier lender in California.

This landmark transaction, meticulously executed by Mirate Equity LLC's team of seasoned financial professionals, signifies a remarkable achievement in the company's dedication to fostering growth within the construction industry. The allocated $74 million funding will propel the development of ACE Realty Corp, a cutting-edge construction project poised to make a lasting impact in Westminster, Colorado.

Mirate Equity LLC's involvement in this substantial financial endeavor underscores the firm's unwavering commitment to promoting economic development and enhancing infrastructure nationwide. Leveraging its extensive expertise in structuring large-scale deals and dedication to delivering tailored financial solutions, Mirate Equity LLC stands out as a preferred partner for construction financing.

Cody Wickline, Head of Operations at Mirate Equity LLC, expressed enthusiasm about the successful closure, stating, "We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of this $74 million construction deal, reaffirming Mirate Equity LLC's pivotal role in the financial landscape. This investment reflects our confidence in the growth potential of the construction sector but also exemplifies our commitment to supporting projects contributing to the overall development of our communities."



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