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Mirate Equity LLC Provides $37.5MM to Refinance Loan to Diamond Construction, Inc.

Mirate Equity LLC recently closed a $31.7 million 5-year loan for refinancing Diamond Construction, Inc., a significant player managing over 1000 luxury properties. The transaction, led by President Arthur Chang from our Long Beach, CA office, demonstrates our commitment to competitive financing.

Diamond Construction, Inc. founder Scott L.  praised Mirate's tailored financial arrangement, stating, "Mirate Equity LLC supplied us with a very competitive financing rate that was specific to our needs."

The financed property, a 16-story, 101-unit apartment building in Las Vegas, showcases our ability to offer a highly competitive 5-year fixed rate. As a direct lending asset-based company, Mirate Equity specializes in various loan services, providing tailored financial solutions for our clientele, including principal lending, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Bridge Loans, Acquisitions, and Debt Consolidation.

President Arthur Chang expressed excitement about the continued collaboration with Diamond Construction Inc., emphasizing Mirate's dedication to customizing loan programs to meet unique business needs.

Mirate Equity
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