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About Us

Mirate Equity. stands as more than just a financial institution; it embodies a vibrant collective of individuals from richly diverse backgrounds, all united by a singular mission: to enhance lives, one loan at a time. With an impressive track record of originating hundreds of millions in loans, we excel in private lending, non-QM, conventional, government, and commercial loans. Our philosophy is straightforward: we diligently match clients with the financial solutions that best fit their unique needs, drawing from a vast spectrum of expertise within Mirate Equity LLC.


The foundation of our success is our exceptional team. Educated at prestigious institutions such as Yale University and University College London, our team members bring a profound wealth of knowledge and experience to each transaction. Their professional backgrounds span critical business functions, ensuring that we possess the internal expertise necessary to tackle any financial challenge. Furthermore, each team member is also a real estate investor, enriching our operations with an unparalleled depth of practical understanding.


Our team has been carefully selected and nurtured to maximize impact on our investors, borrowers, company, and the communities we serve. This meticulous cultivation ensures that we are not only capable of meeting the highest standards of service but also committed to fostering positive, transformative outcomes for all stakeholders involved.


Choose Mirate Equity. as your unwavering partner in private lending, where expertise, dedication, and a commitment to enhancing lives converge to create financial solutions that truly make a difference.

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