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Get Quick Funding and Approval for Your Land Loans Today

Land Acquisition


Mirate Equity Land Loans

Mirate Equity LLC is one of the few lenders nationwide providing land loans, a service typically overlooked by traditional lenders. With decades of experience in successfully closing land loans across the country, we offer the specialized care, attention, and expertise essential for these unique transactions. Our bridge loans enable borrowers to confidently purchase land or initiate their new commercial real estate projects.

Highlights of our Private Land Loans:

Loan Amount: $1,000,000 – $75,000,000
Term: 12 months – 60 Months
LTV: Up to 85% LTV
Recourse: Yes
Pre-Payment Flexibility: Yes

Origination Fee: 1% - 5%

Our land loans provide developers with fast approval, fast funding, and interest only.

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